4 Quick tips on content creation – AIDA model

From my previous blog the digital marketing mix rainbow’s first step is content creation. This is vital because everything online is there for users to read, for users to find and learn from.

“Whenever in doubt ask Google” and I for one am a worshiper of Google it helped me through university :’) ahh good times.
Anyways being able to write content for various aspects online helps all the other elements within the spiral. The reason people Google is for answers and how are answers presented? In text and images duh?

So if we move to the ‘text’ aspect, this is where copy writing skills are crucial but not to worry you learn a lot when you start writing. It’s truly just like writing an assignment to please your tutor but in a marketers case it’s to please their audience.cw

Here are a few tips I have picked up on when writing content.

I always think of the AIDA concept before writing content because it lays out the factors your copy should have.



Attention – This title of your content — Grabbing the reader’s attention is obviously important it’s what keeps them on your website, blog etc. Just how do you do it? Mostly it lies on the heading of your blog or subject line. This is the bold statement that pulls the reader in to view more.

Sometimes creating fear in the reader can generate leads. It holds an emotional bond to emphasis the situation. For instance, “gain” is less powerful than “loss”, i.e. “Generate more leads” >> “stop loosing leads”.


Interest – This is the introduction of your content — Sending out campaigns need to have an interesting appeal to them to lure the audience to click. Don’t summarize benefits; just simply be specific, because that’s the whole reason of the campaign. Show the audience exactly what the benefits are as they don’t like to find answers themselves but to be given it. It’s a good idea at this stage to add a hint of personalisation to show that you are writing for one individual then a large group of potential leads. E.g. “24/7 Availability! Our virtual assistant works when you do” >>> “24/7 Availability! You start at 6am, your VA starts at 6am”.


Desire – This is the main body of your content — Creating desire through expression is very common for retailers most common word is “Free” but to be honest sometimes they can be alerting in a bad way. SPAM!! Well usually that’s what people think, and it can be degrading to a certain extent. So the best way forward is that “Free”= no value, however there’s always a way to rephrase an incentive. E.g. “Free shipping” >> “We’ll pay for your shipping”. This also allows the audience to feel special — awww that’s what we all need.


Action – This is the ending of your content – Call-to-actions produce an action to made, it is a tool to drive traffic, generate leads. To be honest in my view it is a button to summarise the whole content. However when writing for call-to-actions they need to seem effortless. They can be compelling through personalisation, being straight forward and natural. You need to be able to define a clear proposition on what will happen by clicking. This allows the reader to feel a sense of security and less reluctant to click. Again you can make the reader feel the CTA is made just for them.

E.g. Buy > “I want this” or “me”,           Sign-up > “Get daily news”,         Submit > “Yes, give me access”

Now that’s exactly how I use the AIDA model to assist me with content creation. It’s fairly easy once you grasp the concept. Practice makes perfect – which is what I keep doing.

I hope this blog was helpful, if there are any quick tips on content creation I’m eager to learn more, let me hear them below on the comment box.

By Tracy Smith (Digivogue)


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