8 elements of digital marketing – My Digital Marketing Rainbow

Digital marketing is just the brand name of the new era marketing. There is so much more to consider before a core strategy is implemented for digital marketing itself.

Hopefully those of you reading this blog post have researched upon digital marketing before, and seen the all famous conversion prism. If you haven’t take a quick look at the conversion prism 2013. With all the different virtual options available to generate leads and conversions.

Like I said in my previous blog, it’s not only about having your presence on social media sites. It’s everything else that links and builds up a brand’s virtual presence on the World Wide Web.

I have created a digital marketing mix rainbow (semi-circle) to help you understand the integration of digital marketing and all the elements that it sisters. This is my personal view on what I feel is important first through my experience and research.


Yes – I know it’s colourful, but at least it will stay on your mind — Plus—it’s pretty anyways, you could maybe get someone to stare at it and hypnotise them. Haha-jokingg…:P

So there you have it my own digital marketing semi-circle, the closest element being the most important from ‘dm’ which stands for digital marketing.

Look out for my content creation blog coming soon in relation to this post.

If you any thoughts on elements I have missed out, or any other references of important elements –drop a comment below.

By Tracy Smith (Digivogue)


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