3 inspiration methods for your blogging content!

Give your content some personality, make it popular!

Whose had those days where you sit, stop and think why some emails, blogs write too much marketing jargons. What’s the point of me reading something I simply don’t understand? images

User generated content is your new inspirational tool! Why? Because users are posting and commenting on topics you are writing about. So what better way than to use this to your advantage right?

You can use your own experience or user experiences within your blog to make it more relatable. It helps spice up the hotness of your topic, who doesn’t want that? To be the talk of the day and go viral of course.

This means more leads and it helps with the SEO management, using rich key words within your content that can be picked up. Because you know users are most probably searching for answers in relation to that topic. Great – your content won’t fade away in a corner of a search engines unwanted results.

1. There are many ways in which you can use your audience’s views and user generated content these are:

  • Visitor surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Reviews from Amazon
  • Social media hype i.e what’s being shared and spoken about
  • Comments from YouTube

These help you with titles and most importantly what to write about and to include in your content in order to drive traffic.

2. Cushion claims – is a way of letting the user decide for them self’s on how great your content is or whether it’s the best out there. Regardless you need to play it cool and trigger the audience to relate to the content. This is done by linking your USP, you need to be heard loud and clear to why you stand out from the rest. You need to mention what’s unique and desirable about your product or service.

i.e Using “could” or “the only” phrases instead of “This is the best” which creates a fierce claim but may be daunting.

3. Rapport building is like breaking the ice when you meet someone new or your first job interview.

We have all been there – done that! But if you apply the same routine to your content it helps. What I mean is:

How you dress to impress? The same way setting first impressions is important within your content. This means when someone reads your blog or website design of it must be appealing and most importantly user friendly. It sets of the first impression to the product and brand.

Mirroring – what people are willing to do and interested in, mirror this onto the email campaign. i.e content and visuals.

Keep it basic – clear specific content on whatever the topic is. Also by using phrases and dialect they use helps engage with the reader on common grounds. Natural un-marketing phrases, sticky memorable phrases, keyword rich-copy.

Pin profile – this helps understand the psychographics and demographics of your audience. Pin profiles are a key tool I personally feel because it sets out how you will write your content, in terms of dialect, phrases and topics. Another great thing about this is it helps with segmentation and targeting the right people so it’s personalised.

Always remember in order to give your content personality, you must understand the field you work in or writing to as it differs from business to business whether it’s B2B or B2c.

By Tracy Smith (Digivogue)


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