Top 5 creative viral marketing campaigns to enjoy!

We all love videos that go viral, whether we admit it or not. Why? Because it’s in our face and it cannot be ignored!

Here are my favourite viral marketing campaigns I’ve come across during my marketing communications lectures and further research. I went to every lecture J because they were freaking entertaining. So obviously my creativity took over and forced me to attend 😛 but no regrets. So here they are:

1) AMC NYC Zombies

Okay this campaign freaked me out, but I never closed my eyes. AMC protested against DISH network after a television provider ultimately dropped them.

They dressed actors in incredible zombie artistry features resembling the lives of pretty much every New Yorker. There were construction workers, food vendors, mailmen, little boy, business people and locals walking dead amongst those who are “living”.

My favourite scene and zombie is the hot dog guy – even though it slightly puts me off hot dogs. The end game was a zombie dragging away a satellite DISH, to illustrate that zombies don’t belong in the real world, but on television.

It’s brilliant way to set up a protest by actually going out there and making a bold statement. Watch the zombies walk the streets of NYC below:

2) Lynx Excite Angel Ambush

Lynx utilised augmented reality to create on one of the most popular viral and talked about campaign. Commuters at Victoria station were targeted; they were able to interact with the “fallen angels” on Victoria’s transvision screen.

By stepping inside the Lynx halo marked on the floor in front of the screen, commuters could see a live footage of themselves with a virtual angel right beside them. The public immediately began to interact with the angels, from dancing with them to kissing them.

Now I wish they would do one for us women, with a sexy arc angel falling down right beside us. Who wouldn’t love that?

Along with lynx there were other brands who tried out Times Square for the argument reality campaign such as Disney and Forever 21. Check out the fallen angels below (even though they make me jealous of their beauty):

3) Coke – Share A Coke With

Tracy is my name and I thought it was common but I haven’t found my name on a coke bottle yet, have you? Coca-Cola’s ‘share a coke with’ marketing campaign was a phenomenal craze. It was to support Coca-Cola’s open to happiness campaign encouraging people to share a bottle or a can of coke with someone they know.

In aspect of going viral Coca-Cola didn’t have to do anything, because users on social media were doing the work and creating the hype themselves. There were numerous amounts of pictures of coke bottles with their name on it Instagrammed, uploaded on Facebook, Tweeted and even on YouTube.  Coca-Cola you owe us a thank you 😀 check it out below:

4) Old Spice – The Man Your Man Can Smell Like

This has been a beloved viral marketing campaign for the past 10 years. Old spice utilised social media to great extents by sending out ‘just-for-you message’ to respondents of the campaign. All you had to simple do was send Mr. Old Spice (Isaiah Mustafa) a message through Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and wait for his response. This is a great way to interact with your audiences directly and virtually.

Wooo-hoo goes to Mr. Old Spice you sexy thang! — Of course to the brilliance of the marketers and creative team. Have a look at Mr. Old Spice below:

5) Evian babies – Roller Babies 

These cute little babies definitely rolled themselves into stardom with their swag on roller blades and cuteness – awww!

I mean common it’s like the film baby genius; these babies won the 2099 Guinness Book of World Records for the most viewed online ad. This shows brilliance in technology and the integration of digital marketing. It had a pragmatic message of being younger when you drink water – oo la la, but it’s simply adorable. Evian used the baby concept again in 2013 campaign of baby me, which I personally favourite. Check out both below:

the follow up ad which gave Evian the push to create an app which again was instagrammed by users:

Psst…We are now in the festive season so I have to post a video for this:

Marks and Spencer Christmas advert

I came across this one on TV and thought it was very strange and haunting for Christmas. However – wait for it! It’s a combination of all those enchanting fairy-tales whilst advertising M&S collection of clothing, home decor, Christmas specials and food. Yum and brilliant I say!!! It’s not viral but the concept is crazy!


By Tracy Smith (Digivogue)


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