13 Most common user types of Instagrammers

Social media is an amazing tool, however we must admit that it seems hashtagging has become some sort of a skill now and being a potential photographer is essential. Why? Because within each social media channel there seems to be a pattern and a trend people consume to.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Vines, or Instagram and even Twitter everyone falls under a type of user and it becomes a habit for what people expect you to post about.

So what are the classic norms that I have come across on my apps?

1. The Foodie/The chef

This user is clearly a food lover; the foodies are known to post pictures of everything they eat from when they wake up till they go to sleep every day. Most of them are desserts and luxurious meal that look amazing…yum yum…


2. The Selfie

From walking into town, picture day, night in, or night out, a day at university or work — this user is always taking selfies at any angle possible. The worst part is that the face is the same regardless of the occasion.


3. The #instafit hulk

Eat, sleep, drink and literally run to the gym. These hulks are always pumping and pushing their muscles out by folding their arms or making screwing faces in front of the mirror. No one wants a pea head in a hulk body.

gym hulk

4. The Beauty Queen

The eyes, the lips, the hair, the nose! And the brushes! These users are obsessed with anything colour that can be applied to you face. They give out make up tips and pictorials on just how to get the look.


5. The Walking Wardrobe

This user illustrates every single item it has from head to toe. It may even be the same jumper in various colours. Sometimes it’s great to see the styling but it can be a bit OTT and should be #ott and not #ootd


6. The Past life guy (#tbt #ff)

Everyday this instagrammer may wake up wanting to be reliving life or showing off their baby self’s in nappies or pigtails. It’s nice to see whether you were a chubby baby or not, but not everyone wants to flash back to your embarrassing moments. Calm down please?


7. The OCD Hashtag-er

Every hashtag must be right! Or else I’m ruined? Some people abuse this to high extents and post similar hashtags with minor tweaks. Aint nobody got time to read your long ass list of hashtags it’s all about the picture right? Please hashtag appropriately


8. The Complainer

This person faces issues every day from family to globally. What I mean is there’s always a frown that never turns up-side-down. Whether there’s water issues in Africa or even if someone famous dies, somehow it impacts their life? Did you know them? Or do you run the ocean?


9. The Booty check

Right…I twerked and squatted today it’s time to show the results. I think from the first 100 pics of your booty we figured out it’s your asset. The worst part – the pics are angled the same for that extra umph and sometimes we see doubles.


10. The Tour Guide

This user spreads love to beautiful places around the world but turn on the jealousy switch from its followers. From the Maldives, to Vegas and even Cadbury world this user travels everywhere. Whilst we grow green in jealousy over their amazing lives, food, and body tone.


11. The Morden Shakespearian

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” by Shakespeare. This person either posts pictures of memes they have screenshot or pictures of themselves with quotes at the bottom. This can be a selfie picture with a lyrical quote from Drake or even Shakespeare.


12. The lovey dovey Grammers

The mushy wooshy lovers, those who post pictures of their bfs/gfs on a daily letting the world know about pure love even after a break up -_- If I’m not invited to your wedding or dates why do I need to know what you do?


13. The “high roller” #kinginlife

The last king shiiieeettt!! The high roller is one of them ones that post about their daily income and investments made, even the #ootd, #motd, #selfies ensure that everything is clearly labelled with the designer logo. Yes well done your rich! Whoop! We get it!


By Tracy Smith


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