From Facebook to Snapchat – The teens and young 20s have moved on!

Welcome to 2014 everyone & Happy New Year! It’s been a while but here are some great insights I’ve learnt throughout 2013 whilst being social.


From FB, to Instagram, Vines and Snapchat –the ‘Y’ generation trends have moved across these platforms rapidly. Therefore Facebook remains with older demographics, while the ‘Y’ generation is snapping away with the pictorial based social media platforms.

I can raise my hands up and say I have an account to all these social networking platforms. (Including Facebook but I rarely go on it — my personal experience it’s over crowded with oldies sorry!).

It seems that these pictorial apps have a younger dedicated audience, now there are many factors as to why exactly.

The Networks

      1. FB is constantly changing (no one wants a migraine from it!)
      2. Pictures are more fun than words (funnier to look at then imagine)
      3. Videos speak louder than words (Obviously! We hear it)
      4. New trends creates new hype (we are social disciples almost)
      5. Fun apps (never too old to have fun)

User-friendly aspects

      1. Accessibility
      2. User interface is easy and neat
      3. Ease of content access
      4. Increase in mobile device usage

Who does it affect more B2B or B2C?

The moving generation affects mostly the B2C businesses, especially those in the retail sector. Mashable wrote a great article on 8 B2C brands that were using Snapchat, check out this Vine video French Connection created, and most-followed brands on Instagram.

All in all its helping retailers communicate with their consumers on a more personal level, getting into the hype and vibe of social networking. It’s the trendy fast fashion online retailers that are taking the biggest opportunities these social platforms have to offer.

If we look at the characteristics of the Generation Y (that’s me!)

We really don’t want to be pestered with ads all up in our space! Right? We rather have a brand that interacts with us on a fun, quirky, incentive give away. To be honest younger consumers lack attention and are just once click away to unfollow you if you’re not interesting.

It is obvious that consumer – brand relationship is important to every business. However on social networking it is important to create a ‘friendship’ tone and not a ‘sales and marketing’ tone.

I for one love Missguided! too bits, not only because of their fabulous clothes but because their social networking is brilliant. Their Instagram feeds are insightful, creative, with sneak peeks at photo-shoots, competitions, discount codes, style shout-outs. The best thing is they do this across all the platforms for that continuous tone of voice and action. They certainly know how to engage with the consumers very well and they use social media to the max.



The key note is:

It’s like going back to primary school we used to read books with pictures only and not words. Well guess what that’s exactly what we are doing now, looking at pictures and using the left side of our brain (creative side) for interpretation. So come on brands send us creativity, be our friends, create brand loyalty and friendship, give us something to look forward too!

Of course these apps have  its own flaws for brands to use but it cannot be ignored. It’s the moving trend so get on it and up your game!

By Tracy Smith


2 thoughts on “From Facebook to Snapchat – The teens and young 20s have moved on!

  1. Nice post! You are completely right with the ‘Y’ Generation. But doesn’t the older generation fall into the ‘Y’ category? I’m sure parents use platforms like this – I know my mum does :\

    Looking forward to your next article! Keep up the good work Tracy!

    1. No, I’m afraid they don’t fall into this category.
      They are the ‘X’ generation, they just adapting to social media because it’s simply a common ground for everyone to use now. As elders enter these social sites, youngers move away.

      Thank you 🙂

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