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Basic tips and tricks you need to know for effective email subject lines

Email subject lines can be difficult at times but they are the most important element to initiate a call to action. I have come up with a few general tips and ideas to help make your email subject lines innovative and persuasive. But it is worth noting that certain strategies for the best practice subject lines can vary in terms of usage and over time.

Generic emails 

There are a few very general common sense tips that all email marketers already should know.

These are:

  • Subject lines should be at least 50 characters longs
  • Readers would rather know what’s inside your email not what you selling – simply describe the subject of your email
  • Discounts/early bird triggers (important! – avoid spammy words)

For event based emails:

There are the first three stages of sending emails for events:

  1. Launch email
  2. Call for Entries emails
  3. Table Sales emails
  • each email subject line should be different explaining more about the event
  • relevant to the theme of the event

Conducting my own research I have found out that emails that specify certain time expiration ‘Two weeks left to enter’, ‘need more time to enter’, and finalists announced email (table sales) works better.
The copy of each email should be different to give the reader new things to read about and be excited about the event. Unravel something new in each email. Otherwise no one is interested to read the same thing repeatedly resulting on your open rates and CTR fall.

  • CFE’s reasons to enter (benefits, incentives, new categories)
  • TB’s reasons to attend (benefits, entertainment, venue, host) show videos and pictures
  • Survey emails always do well on every first one sent
  • Winner emails and finalists announce emails always do well because of the content of the email.

Many online retailers and high street retailers are bringing their subject lines alive. By using what we all know too well emoticons. But marketers have to be super careful whilst using these. Some can be tedious and look very spammy. The most crucial point to remember is the concept of your email – what’s the purpose of your email and who your audience is? A super girly online retailer can use hearts, stars and the ‘X’ at the end of the subject line. Because it’s purely girly and relevant Missguided, Asos, Ax Paris, Boohoo use these extremely well and not all the time. Some travel companies use the sun, umbrellas, plane to increase open rates. These work because the emoticons are playful and speak for themselves.

❤ Does your bakery skills have what it takes? ❤

Most popular ones:
♥ ★ ☼ ♫ ☀ ✿ ☆ ♡ ⇒ ☺ ❤ ✈ ✞ → ☂
♛Does your bakery skills have what it takes? ♛

Hopefully this helps bring out what you already know or didn’t know to get those open rates high and click through rates in.

Have you got any key pointers or general tips that will help us marketers?

How to use social media to promote your event

Do you want to use social media to promote your events?

Do you want to use live tweeting at events?

I have come up with a few sneaky tips and tricks to use to promote events. Part of my job being a digital marketer is to be innovative with promoting events through social media.

I must admit it is slightly harder to use social media to promote B2B events. Especially to those consumers that are not as wildly active we would like them to be on social media.

Now this may sound strange but with social media you have to be social! (too many B2B companies forget about this).

With any social media campaigns you have to follow through from the start to the end. Therefore this post will give you a few snappy tips to integrate social media from pre to post event.

Pre-event social activity

1. Agree on a Twitter #hashtag together as a group beforehand

– Tip: make the # easy to understand #restaurantawards NOT #nra

– Tip: don’t include a date (allows you to chart use of # over consecutive years)

– Tip: don’t make your # too long (remember a Tweet’s only 140 characters long!)

– Tip: sense-check your # (beware #susanalbumparty)

2. Present the hashtag in all marketing materials

3. Use Twitter influencers (people who attend the events all the time) personalise a tweet to them to encourage them to enter or to let them know we are open for entries etc.

4. Follow the people who are talking about your brand

5. Spread the word, incentive giving (Discount codes for early birds etc.) for entries or table bookings

6. Post about the event once a week on brand’s social media sites (Download entry form, online form, categories, shortlist announced, entry deadlines, extensions, sneak peak of the event)

7. Encourage finalists to tweet pictures of their finalists’ certificates? (NCW did it)

8. Encourage editorial teams to produce content related to the awards (last year’s winner one year on, registration is now open, how winning an award can change your business) that can be shared via social media

9. Make sure all links shared via social media are properly tracked to help measure ROI


  • Registration opens
  • Early-bird registration is ending soon
  • Countdown: “Just X days until the event!”
  • Reminder of time and location
  • Thank your sponsors (mention sponsors)
  • “Just saw Jane’s presentation. Wow!” (mention speakers)
  • “See you at the event!” (mention registrants)
  • Thanks for sharing, posting and re-tweeting (mention anyone who shared)
  • Tweets with a testimonial quotes about a speaker (find these on LinkedIn)
  • Tweet to the pre-event blog post using a quote from the interview. (mention speaker)
  • “Thanks for registering! See you there!” (mention registrants, especially social media influencers)

During the Event

Live tweeting during events is a huge opportunity for event promotion. Registrants will be watching the hashtag, so fill that stream with interesting content.

1. Tweet quotes: Listen for juicy bits in conversations and in presentations. Mention the person who said it and use the hashtag.

2. Tweet winners: tweet who has won and #hashtag them, if possible add pictures

3. Share pictures: Make sure to take pictures of people, speakers and attendees, as things are happening and share them on Twitter.
Mention people and use the hashtag.

4. Hold a contest: Even if you’re giving away something small, like a book or a gift from a sponsor, use this as an opportunity to gather email addresses (with permission of course) and then share a picture of the winner holding the gift on the social networks.

Post- Event

1. Videos from the night to present on related content site and promote the event

2. Article on related content site about the winners

3. Tweet thank you to those who attended – tweet the winners

4. Water marks your photos with the hashtag too, because they will get shared and it’s promoting the hashtag/event whilst doing it.

5. Register your interest tweets

Have you got any additional tips? Let me know comment below…