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Jhene Aiko ‘gentle pop-tinged vocals’

I’m kind of late in the game with Jhene Aiko but obviously her duet with drake ‘From Time’ made me fall in love with her vocals. My personal opinion is she’s like the female version of The Weeknd with her sweet, gentle and angelic vocals. This is my favourite song of hers. The vocals, the beat, the lyrics and the semantics are amazing….

Especially the hook:

‘Everyonebody’s like he aint no item,

Please don’t like em,

He don’t wife em,

He one nights em,’

And ofcourse my favourite bar ‘all that shit you’ve been spittin’, so unoriginal…But it was you, so I was with it’.

Looking forward to her new productions! Enjoy J


Rave it up! It’s finally Friday!

Whoop it’s Friday!! I’m hyped for the weekend, don’t know about you? This calls for a mad raving tune that was my 1st year university tune. Raving it up every day in Landaaannnnn!! (London). When it came to clubbing and me, it’s all about the music, the atmosphere, and the dance floor space.

Katy B-Lights on

Ultimately a proper clubbing tune that never dies for me! 🙂 Enjoy!

By Tracy Smith